Auto loan – The car loan is now available to everyone!

Car loans allow the driver to purchase the car at full price, in monthly installments over a period of time. Once you have agreed with your lender or financier on a down payment, interest rate and loan period, you can drive your new car on the spot.

Author credit is a great option. While most people like to be able to pay for a car at the time of purchase, borrowing money is a common requirement for most buyers. Loans against car collateral are also possible in such cases.

The car loan is now available to everyone!

The car loan is now available to everyone!

Future savings are an important consideration. You may be tempted to buy a used vehicle simply to avoid taking out a loan, as car credit does not always seem attractive at first, but in the long run, it is not always the most profitable option. Used cars tend to get damaged more often, sometimes requiring expensive repairs. When you finance a new car, you have peace of mind that you will not have to pay for these repairs in the long term. Not to mention that many newer cars are more fuel-efficient, which means you spend less on a petrol pump.

No collateral is required to get a car loan. You don’t technically need security to get a car loan. This is because your car will automatically serve as collateral for the loan. If you do not pay the outstanding balance, the lender will withhold your car. Check the monthly repayment amount and the total amount you pay the lender. This can help you find the most affordable and cost-effective option. You can do it on sites like utilizing and others!

Having a great credit history

Having a great credit history

It is another bonus because even if you have a bad credit history, you will most likely still be able to get an auto loan and the auto loan will be given to you as well. The great thing about car payments is that they actually help your credit history as long as you meet your payment deadlines.

Applying for a personal loan can affect your credit rating because the company that lends you the money wants to check if it can trust you to pay it back. Be careful, for example, if you plan to take out a mortgage as well.

You can limit the impact on your credit rating by using a matching search calculator. An incomplete search does not affect your credit rating. Search online for other comparison sites that offer auto-search search.

Nowadays car financing options are usually supplemented by bonuses

Nowadays car financing options are usually supplemented by bonuses

Car loan financiers usually provide additional benefits such as free travel tax, free service and free fuel. These bonuses are usually not the best reason to take loans, but they certainly do not hurt!

Once you have agreed on your car loan, you decide how much money you pay each month. This means you won’t have to spend more money or make adjustments elsewhere in your life. With a smart car loan, you might even have enough money to start saving for your next new car.

Current loan interest in Austria: interest and interest rate


Regardless of variable or fixed interest rates, a distinction is still made between the nominal interest rate and the effective interest rate. A bank may just mention one of the two interest rates – but both are equally important. As a borrower or saver, you should know the main differences.

Nominal interest rate


Banks charge a fee for the loan, which the borrower has to pay. This fee is the nominal interest rate. Even if the interest is paid monthly, the nominal interest generally refers to a calendar year. The billing period is therefore always the year, despite the monthly payment by the borrower. Usually, the borrower also receives a so-called balance notification at the end of the year, which shows how much interest was paid in the past year. It is different from investments: Here the bank does not credit the interest earned until the end of the year.

Effective interest rate

The effective annual interest rate includes all costs associated with the loan. The effective interest rate results from the nominal interest rate taking into account all ancillary credit costs up to the expiry of the contract. Ancillary credit costs include processing fees, land registration fees for the lien, appraisal costs, account maintenance fees and even the premiums for mandatory risk life insurance, as shown in our chart below.

The effective annual interest rate is therefore very meaningful and helps to compare loan offers from different banks. However, such a comparison only makes sense if the underlying parameters of the offers (term, reference rate, fixed interest rate, etc.) match. Interest rate calculators on the Internet should also always specify both interest rates.

What is the current interest rate on loans?

Interest rates are lower than ever in Austria as well as internationally. The low-interest rates are suffering for one and joy for the other. In other words, while savers complain about low-interest rates, borrowers are particularly happy with long-term Adam bed financing about very low loan rates. But why is that and what does that mean for borrowers?

Loan interest in Austria

Loan interest rates are currently at a very low level in Austria. A key reason for this is the current monetary policy of the Best Bank. The development of the short-term rate of interest money market rates was even more extreme. These are currently even negative.

These developments mean that above all Adam credits – both variable and fixed interest – are cheap to obtain. Last but not least, this depends not least on the personal creditworthiness of the borrower, but loans in the past few decades have probably never been as cheap as in the current phase. Here you can find statistics from the Capital lender bank on loan interest rates in Austria.

International loan interest

If you compare loan interest in Austria with abroad, you can see that we live in a very cheap credit world. This is also due to the fact that credit institutions in Austria face stiff competition and cannot adjust prices at will, as they could otherwise lose market share. Ultimately, digitization also plays its part: price-sensitive customers can change banks very easily and quickly.

Who offers the cheapest loan interest in Austria?

There are almost 600 credit institutions in Austria, so it is difficult to say who is currently offering the cheapest loan interest. It is hardly possible to answer this question because it depends on a number of factors. Personal creditworthiness and the company’s own funds are particularly important. The credit model is also relevant because while some banks are very cheap with variable interest rates, there are banks that offer very low-interest rates with fixed interest rates. Get different loan offers and compare interest rates to get the best deal for you.

Forecast: This could continue with loan interest in Austria

It cannot be said with any certainty what the future interest rate on loans in Austria will look like. National banks have kept interest rates very low in recent years in order to boost economic growth and thus inflation. Economic growth has been steadily improving in recent years, so the recipe seems to be working.

In the United States, interest rates have already risen in several steps, so something similar can also be expected for Europe and Austria. If you would like to know more about this, read our guide on future interest rate developments.

Calculate compound interest

Calculate compound interest

You can calculate your compound interest with the help of a mathematical calculator or on the Internet with various interest calculators to calculate. However, you should note that compound interest is only relevant to you if you are late in paying the loan installments. In the following section, we explain how interest is calculated and how you can calculate your own interest.

How do I calculate interest on a loan?

calculator,interest rate,money

To calculate the interest on a loan, you need the total loan amount and the nominal interest of the loan. Both information can be found in the loan agreement. So how does it work? Put simply: If you multiply the total loan amount by the nominal interest, you get the total amount of the annual interest to be paid.

The total loan amount is simply the amount that includes all of the ancillary loan costs. After the loan is mostly repaid, the loan amount is reduced annually by the repayment portion. The interest is always calculated from the currently outstanding loan amount.

Compound interest: calculation and impact

If a loan is not repaid over a certain period of time, interest accrues, which must also be paid on an ongoing basis. However, if this interest is not paid immediately, the total loan amount is increased by the unpaid interest. Interest is, therefore, due again on the unpaid interest. One speaks of compound interest or compounds interest effect, which leads to increased interest expenses.

Calculate interest with special repayment

If there is capital available for the partial repayment of a loan during the term of the loan, this is referred to as a special repayment. Due to the special repayment, the loan is reduced and the interest expense is also reduced. It is difficult to calculate in advance.

Interest on a home loan: what is to be expected?

If you take out a house loan, interest is due. This can then be variable or fixed interest over a certain term. No matter which loan model you choose, the amount of the loan interest depends primarily on your personal creditworthiness and the available capital. The fact is, the more equity or collateral you can offer the bank, the sooner you will be able to enjoy the best conditions.

How To Get The Most Beneficial Loan Offer

Most of us sometimes have situations where we suddenly need a certain amount of money and our bank account is empty. If you find yourself in such a situation, instant consumer loan companies can help you, as it is not always nice to ask loved ones to lend you. You can submit your application just from home, you will receive an answer soon and money will be credited to your account in just a few minutes.

However, looking for the most appropriate option can turn your head around a variety of different offers. That’s why in today’s Lorna blog post, we’re sharing tips on how to get the most beneficial loan offer.

Consult with professionals

Don’t be afraid to contact the customer service of your chosen company. Talk to them about how much you need, how much you could pay each month, and discuss any other issues you may have. It is these employees who have a wealth of knowledge and experience and can help you choose the most appropriate option (for example, what term would you most benefit from borrowing to pay the least amount of interest but not overburden your financial position).

Do not pretend that the purpose of these employees is to encourage you to choose a loan at the worst possible conditions by paying huge interest rates. By the same token, every company strives to retain loyal customers so that they can turn to the same company again in the future for financial purposes.

Take the time to search

Take the time to search

If you are looking to get the lowest interest on your loan, take the time to find the best deal. Don’t hurry to take advantage of the very first offers you will find. Many financial services companies often carry a variety of promotions, with significant interest rates on loans over the years.

You can simply send inquiries to several different companies and wait for their response, and then, after reviewing the offer, you only have to choose the one that suits you the most.

Choose a company with more experience

If the company is well-known and has many clients, it is a sign that the services it provides are of high quality that meet the expectations of the clients.

When searching for the best loan offer, better send inquiries to the companies you know than the ones you hear about for the first time and have little information about their business.

Choose the type of loan that suits you best

Choose the type of loan that suits you best

If you suddenly needed money, a certain amount is probably needed for a specific purpose and you know more or less exactly what amount you need. Knowing the amount and who you need will make it easier to choose a loan. The types of loans are as follows:

  • Quick Credit – Small enough loans for a short term (usually a month or more). We recommend this type when a certain amount is needed for a short period of time and you are certain that you will be able to pay the full amount so that you will pay a modest amount of interest on your credit.
  • Consumer loan – Larger amounts of loans for a longer-term. With this type of loan, the interest is already higher, but the installments are staggered and not so financially felt.
  • Leasing is the ability to receive a particular item or service immediately and to pay for it in installments over a period of time of your choice.
  • A home loan is a loan that is made specifically for the purpose of buying a home, only by banks. These are large amounts of loans for the long term

Knowing what purpose you need the money for – you will choose a loan proposal faster, as each financial services company usually specializes in one area. Save time by going to companies whose services simply do not meet your needs.

Top tip – take the time to search for an offer. If you foresee the need for money, do not wait until the last moment, take care beforehand. You will then have more time to look for better borrowing conditions.